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LEARN Together

At YWAM Amsterdam we embrace people from all over the world, celebrating our various backgrounds and denominations.


We believe that God has put greatness in every single individual. As we are studying together, we are also learning a lot from each other.

Discipleship Training School

Jan - June 2024

January DTS

Sept 2024 - March 2025

September DTS

Other Courses

Audio Production Course

Jan - April 2024

DTS Equip Seminar

Oct - Dec 2023

Discipleship Bible School

April - July 2024

School of the Word and Spirit

Jan - Feb 2024

School of Worship


Shine Seminar

May - July 2024

Discipleship Bible School

Sept - Dec 2024

School of Biblical Studies

Sept 2024 - July 2025

Winter RFLX Camp

Dec 2023

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