January DTS

Join others as we start this journey together learning about who Jesus is and how to live like Him. 

Our Focus

The January Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a training course on discipleship to Jesus in the context of missions. The school is 23 weeks long, with the first half being lectures in Amsterdam and the second half being outreach to various nations. 

We embark on this journey because Jesus has called us to make discipleships of all people groups. In order to do this, we need to walk as disciples ourselves. 

Be Prepared to:

- Engage in 12 full lecture weeks on topics such as hearing God's voice, Jesus and the Cross, Missions, and more.

- Spread the Gospel in Amsterdam in radical ways

- Worship together in song and prayer

- Live and eat in community

- Have people speak words of direction and encouragement into your life. 

- Travel to other countries to share the message of Jesus for 10 weeks

- Step out of your comfort zone in nations not your own

- Know God and make Him known


This year we will be having electives during the Lecture Phase in Amsterdam. These are activities that take place once a week. You will have the opportunity to try different electives, allowing you to have a wide variety of experiences! As we are working together with other ministries that are already running on our base, you will also have the chance to connect with and learn from people in our YWAM Amsterdam community who are ministering in the city.

We will be running the following electives during the school:


God has created us to create! In this elective you will hear from people who are using different forms of art both to connect with God and share His truth with others, as well as opportunities to put this into action!


Teaching and Preaching

Learn how to study the Bible and to share from God’s Word in a way that will equip you for outreach and the rest of your life! This elective will be run with help from staff on base who have studied the Bible extensively in our School of Biblical Studies and are practiced in training others.

Course Information


At least 18 years old or have completed high school.


5 Jan - 17 Jun

Outreach Start:  4 Apr

Outreach end: 10 Jun



Dutch translation for first two weeks of lecture.




Training Phase: €2.250 

Tuition fees, food, and housing included

Outreach Phase: €2.500 to €3.000 


At the completion of the classroom phase, students have the opportunity to ‘make God known’ in the outreach phase. The Gospel comes alive as students step out in faith to preach the good news, baptize new believers and heal the sick (Mark 16:15-18).


Outreach is an exhilarating time of risk and adventure, as teams serve with local believers: transforming lives and impacting society with the love of Jesus Christ.

January DTS

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Worship and Prayer

This elective will be run in partnership with our Worship and Prayer Team on base, and will include training in different expressions of worship and prayer. We’ll run this elective in our YWAM Amsterdam house of prayer, called The Tabernacle, which is located in the Red Light District.