School of Biblical Studies

Come to study the Bible and discover God's heart throughout history, while letting it shape your own heart and mind. 

What is SBS?

The School of Biblical Studies, or SBS for short, is a nine-month program for students who want to deepen their understanding of the Bible and who want to learn how to discover and apply God's truths from this ancient collection of books to our present-day society. During the school you will read the bible at least four times and study each book of the Bible, learn how to interpret and explain the meaning and apply this to our own lives. 

Studying the Bible in Amsterdam

Our SBS is located in the heart of Amsterdam, where you will join a community of passionate Christians who are called to serve in Amsterdam and Europe. Here we spend most of our time studying the Bible, but living and studying in Amsterdam also means that we have a unique chance to explore how the Bible shaped our culture and society through Interactions. 


Our Interactions focus on showing how the Bible shaped Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Europe through relevant examples, illustrations or cases. Some examples include exploring Rembrandt's and Van Gogh's Biblical worldview through their art, the Amsterdam slavery tour, visiting the International Court of Justice in The Hague, meeting with a Christian Politician, a reformation tour and many more. Through these we will emphasize the importance of a Biblical worldview as we go from the garden of Eden in the past, the city of Amsterdam in the present and The New Jerusalem as our hope for the future. 

Why should you do an SBS?

The Bible is the foundation of our faith, yet we all struggle at times to understand what this book is all about. It is easy to miss God's love in the Old Testament or to feel lost in the deep and impactful theologies of the New Testament. During the SBS we read and study the Bible together and go through the entire Bible more than five time as you discover for yourself what shapes our beliefs as followers of Christ. 

This school will give you a solid Biblical Foundation that will impact your life and will serve you well, whether you continue in ministry, want to study or will work. 

Course Information


Discipleship Training School with YWAM


22 sep - 7 July

Yearly from Mid September to Early July



Lectures, studies, and homework




3 semesters, €2.350 per semester

Tuition fees, food, and housing included

Hearing from Our Students

One of my biggest takeaways from SBS is realizing how God sees me as an ambassador of Christ, as said in 2 Corinthians 5:20. I see this as a way of God showing how He trusts His people and wants to partner with us.


Even God trusts the unworthy, so why shouldn’t we trust Him, the most worthy One? I can now see this shown throughout the Bible, and has inspired me to go out and be used by God.”

-Benji Yañez Punt

SBS 2019-2020 student


Three individually accredited semesters for the University of the Nations

School of Biblical Studies