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Discipleship Bible School

Read the whole Bible for yourself and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. 

What is DBS?

The Discipleship Bible School is a course centered on community. It is a perfect place to continue your discipleship journey by engaging in God’s Word. In twelve weeks participants will be able to read through the whole Bible together with others. During small groups you will have the opportunity to discuss any topics and questions that come up. Through the lectures given each week participants will learn about the historical & cultural context, literary genres and main themes of the Bible.


You will see how the narratives, wisdom literature and prophets in the Old Testament and the Gospels, The Letters from the Apostles and Revelation in the New Testament all connect and form one big picture that shows God’s redemptive story with mankind. Let the Bible come alive to you in a community where it allows you to explore the scriptures, ask questions, share your insights and take the challenge to impart what you have learned to others.

Why do a DBS?

The heart behind the DBS is for everyone to read the whole Bible for themselves and to discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. Scripture is God’s gift to us, giving direction to our lives and drawing us to a relationship with him. From the beginning of the book until the end, we believe that the Bible is a unified story that ultimately leads us to Jesus. This diverse collection of ancient books has an abundance of wisdom we can glean from, that is still relevant today. As we let the Bible speak for itself, we believe that the message of Jesus will transform individuals, communities, and entire nations.

Why Amsterdam?

Come and seize the opportunity to read through scriptures and get a glimpse of how the Bible shaped this historic city of Amsterdam. We are located in the heart of this iconic city, known for its canals and houses alongside it, the arts, business, innovations, pursuit of justice and self expression of the individual.

Amsterdam is also home to over 180 nationalities which makes this city a melting pot of people from all over the world. You can reach all the nations in just one city, which presents us a great opportunity to be “salt & light” and apply our learning from the Bible in a multicultural society and beyond.

Course Information


Discipleship Training School with YWAM


- April 10 - July 5 2024

- September 18 - December 13 2024



Lectures, studies, and homework




Tuition fees, food, and housing included

Meet your School Leader

Christopher Hipona is from the Philippines and is passionate to disciple followers of Jesus walk in their God given purpose. Together with his wife (Jenneke) they have been in YWAM since 2008 mostly involved in Biblical Studies and Counseling.


They moved to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2019 to help pioneer the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) and now hope to see the Discipleship Bible School (DBS) kick off in Amsterdam and beyond. They are a growing family and have two beautiful daughters named Keziah and Zoë.


Three individually accredited semesters for the University of the Nations

Discipleship Bible School

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