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Neighbourhood Priests

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Over the past few years, God has given us dreams and visions about new ways to love and reach the city which have started gaining momentum this year. One of these was the Open the Doors campaign which we began back in 2018. The vision was to renovate one of YWAM Amsterdam’s existing buildings to create a space where we can connect with Amsterdam; our neighbours, friends, and millions of travellers. This project was successfully completed in 2019 when Look Up opened its doors. In the past 18 months this space was also used to pioneer a new ministry of YWAM Amsterdam, Priesthood.

Hear from Tobias, who has been helping lead this new ministry:

“Loneliness is a very common experience in the city, people don't feel seen, they disappear in the mass. A generation ago everybody was leaving the church, and so now there is a generation who has grown up without knowing who Jesus is. Our dream was to open a cafe as a ‘living room’ for the area, with good coffee, and being known as a Christian place, where people who wouldn’t visit a church can come with their questions.

We started out with literally nothing, and that’s where Look Up really helped get us moving by letting us move into the corner as a pop-up. We built a bar, fundraised for a coffee machine and suddenly, Priesthood turned from a vision to a real thing and began connecting. Recently a guy who was visiting Amsterdam came into Priesthood on the last day of his week-long holiday, and said being in our space was the most peace he had felt his whole trip. This is the fruit we are beginning to see.

We’ve got our name out, are making connections, and finding the next steps towards getting our own place. Sometimes it’s difficult standing out as Christians in the middle of a city like Amsterdam. It’s easy to say ‘it’s too dark we should get out of here’ but we know it’s important to be in the middle of it, to be a light.”

This is just one tangible example of God's faithfulness and provision, there is so much more to share! You can visit Priesthood and get yourself a tasty coffee at Prins Hendrikkade 51, or check out our other city projects here.

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