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Look Up

Look Up is excited to share the very best and beautiful of Amsterdam with the guests of the city.

Look Up

See the city in a whole new light? Look Up is a ministry dedicated to helping people see life from a different perspective in and through the city of Amsterdam.

Visit for the project website.

People, Culture, Amsterdam

Day to day the Look Up Team run a cultural centre in the heart of Amsterdam. In the day this venue operates as an art gallery, information centre and bookstore. At night the space is used for events such as, lectures, open mic events and art shows.

Standing directly opposite Amsterdam Central Station we are passed by thousands of different people every day and our staff are on hand to chat and pray with anyone who comes in the store. We just love to meet people! We are also growing our connections with artists, churches and those interested in history and worldview and are also looking to expand our staff and volunteer team with people who have a passion for these areas.

Bookstore & Art Gallery

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts which play out through our art, music, architecture, history, social structures and our legal choices. Above and beyond them all lie sets of alternative ideas. Ideas of spirituality and rationality, greed and generosity, philosophy and faith, hope and despair, tolerance and love..

Our bookstore and art gallery cover all these Amsterdam themes and have made the decision to be an ethical store promoting locally produced and fairly traded products.

As has been the case for generations we continue to operate as an Amsterdam Christian bookstore and we have added to this a particular focus on art, history and philosophy. Our art gallery has a rolling set of exhibitions and in between these features works by artist Arjan Dijksma and photographer Heleen Van De Veen.

If you would like to exhibit, let us know! 

Look Up

The topics our team regularly cover through events, trips and walks are:

"Amsterdam - The Ideas that Made the Modern World"
"Amsterdam and the Birth of Capitalism - A Business Guide"
"Amsterdam - A Christian History"
"Amsterdam - Free City | Slave City"
"Amsterdam - An Art Guide"

"Beyond the Red Lights - Amsterdam and the Sex Industry."

Events and Education - Lectures, guided boat trips and city walks.

Set on the site of an ancient gateway into this wonderful pilgrim city, we stand a stone's throw away from the founding place of the world's first multinational, a short stroll from first stock exchange and within easy walking distance of the former homes of artists Rembrandt and Van Gogh and philosophers Spinoza, Descartes and Locke.

Given this diverse inspirational surrounding, we also act as a gateway for our neighbours and visitors to investigate how this city made the modern world. In this capacity we work together with the "Upper Room". 

Inside our store the events we run tell this story. Alongside this a number of our staff are also trained to give walking tours or boat trips of the city.

Feel free to get in contact and book a trip with us!

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