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The Cleft

The Cleft is a ministry that specifically focuses on being a light to the people in the Red Light District.

Our Focus

The Cleft is a ministry with the purpose to reach the city of Amsterdam with the beautiful message of Jesus Christ. The team partners with the Lord and is dependent on Him to discover new, creative ways to be a light to the city.

"Our heart is to reach out to the people who don’t know Jesus Christ, regardless of their background, social status or style of life."

Our Vision

Our vision is to share the gospel of Jesus with those who work and live in the red light district of Amsterdam.


As a team we are on a daily journey of learning what it means to walk with Jesus and to be led by His Spirit. By His grace we want to reflect God's character, love and truth to those we reach out to.


We don't want to only do that with sharing the truth of the Gospel in words, but also by offering our love, friendship and practical help.

What We Do

We do this by visiting them at the place where they are and build relationships and see how we can communicate God's love and truth to them.


We invite them for our events in the Cleft, such as Dutch and English lessons and other courses so they can learn skills and will have more options when they look for a new job. We also invite them for dinners, or Bible studies and celebrate their birthdays or go for a coffee together.


We love partnering with other Christian organisations and lean on each other’s strengths and pray together.

In everything we do, we are dependent on the Holy Spirit and that is why prayer, worship and intercession is a foundational part of the ministry.

We believe that true transformation in peoples’ lives can only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our first goal is not that people leave prostitution, but that they would encounter Jesus and that they get to know Him and have Him transform their lives, just like He has done in our lives.

The Cleft

The Cleft is in constant pursuit of the Lord for guidance to give them His heart for the people of Amsterdam, so that they may have a great capacity to love and serve. They regularly take teams out into the city and share the gospel of Christ with the people on the streets.

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