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Shine Seminar

Become equipped with a passion for social justice and knowledge of how to support survivors of sexual exploitation. 

Our Focus

The Shine Seminar equips Jesus followers with a passion for social justice and practical knowledge of how to properly support survivors of the sex trade and human trafficking. We aim for every student to be empowered in their unique abilities in contributing to the abolishment of modern day slavery, be voices of hope in their spheres of influence, and be advocates for Biblical justice and for the marginalized.

This course explores the global sex trade and the Christian response. We aspire to offer excellent, Jesus-centered training to students through teaching, spiritual reflection and practical application.


Students will be taught by experts and will grow in understanding the core elements of the sex trade and human trafficking; while increasing in compassion and humility toward its survivors.


Students will be introduced to Biblical, person-centered, trauma-informed and survivor-empowering care, and also be able to advocate for justice with a biblical worldview; being equipped to “Shine” God’s heart for justice within their own communities.


The Shine Seminar is split into two six week phases: a lecture phase and an optional internship.

The lecture phase will be a full-time class schedule taught by experienced professionals. It will consist of daily lectures, weekly prayer and worship times, occasional workshops, assignments and a final group research project.

After the lecture phase, there is an optional 6 week internship immediately following the lecture phase for a select number of students. The two locations are Monterrey, Mexico and Pune, India. The price is 800 euros + airfare (subject to change). The purpose of the internship is to give students an opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice, and to see where they thrive in the counter-trafficking movement.  The internship application deadline is March 20th.

The internship applicants will undergo an additional interview and be assigned to their location by Shine staff prior to the lecture phase. Once assigned, the students will work directly with the nonprofits to decide their role/responsibilities, apply for visas if necessary and will coordinate their own travel. Students will continue to receive counsel and support from Shine staff throughout the planning and internship. 

Please note, expenses for the internship are not included in the seminar tuition rate.

Course Information


There are no prerequisites for this course. Both those who have done a DTS with YWAM as well as those who haven't are welcome! 


May 23 – July 5 2024



Lectures, studies, and homework



  • Lecture phase: €1750*

  • Outreach phase (optional):  €800 + airfare (subject to change).

Tuition fees, food, and housing included

*Tuition can be adjusted depending on financial category of your nation, please email team for more information

Shine Seminar

Learning Outcomes

- Introductory knowledge of the global sex trade and human trafficking.
- Advocacy from a Biblical perspective.
- Basic knowledge of providing trauma-informed and person-centered care.


- Biblical justice, Awareness and Advocacy
- Prevention, Healthy Sexuality, Economics of the Sex Trade
- Outreach and Survivor-Centered Care
- Aftercare, Safe Homes and Trauma-Informed Care
- Policy, Research and Law Enforcement Involvement

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