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Going Deeper

Experience a lifestyle of intimacy and

ministry to God.

Kirk Bennett has been a very loved speaker on previous GoingDeepers. He is a 'spiritual papa' in the prayer movement. Based in IHOPKC in Kansas City USA. Kirk and his wife Dee build teams and oversee the Prophecy Healing Team Ministry in the House of Prayer. Kirk travels and teaches on the prophetic priesthood of all believers.  You can expect a lot of depth, insight and Holy Spirit activation. 

Speaker: Kirk Bennett.

The Prayer Room Experience

Many have heard the term Prayer Room but most have never seen one let alone experienced one in full “glory”. The GoingDeeper week allows you to see, taste, and be impacted by this joyful, corporate, and incessant worship and prayer. This week will give you a unique chance to experience a prayer room. 


Feel the power, beauty, excitement, and the energy of a full running prayer room as we focus on His beauty and the purposes God has for us, our cities and nation. These teaching sessions are intertwined with a daily four-hour worship and prayer time.

Course Information


There are no prerequisites for this course. Both those who have done a DTS with YWAM as well as those who haven't are welcome! 

2023 Dates

 September 11-15

Registration closes

September 6th



Lectures and workshops



  • 190 Euro - Food and accommodation* included (5 nights)

  • 150 Euro - Food included

  • 100 Euro - Participation without food nor accommodation


*Accommodation dormitory style. There are no single or double rooms available.

Going Deeper

Going Deeper is a five day immersion into truth, experience, and encounter. Fresh inspirational teaching and practical workshops will propel you into a lifestyle that allows you to go Deeper into God’s heart helping you to stand firm and unshakable through life and its storms. Be refreshed with long times of lingering in God’s presence and receive prophetic words and encouragement.

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