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Engage with Bible Translation

Discover how you can actively participate in bringing the Word of God to every tribe and tongue!


One of the greatest ways we can know God is through His Word. However, millions of people around the world don’t have a single verse of Scripture in their language! Bible translation is about getting God’s Word into a language people can understand so they can know who God really is. The task, however, is bigger than that. We have to make it available in a form that speaks best to each person! It is more than just getting a book into a new language; it is delivering it so that The Word can transform lives, families, communities, and nations. Bible translation and Scripture engagement are the foundation of evangelism, church planting, indigenous worship, and discipleship. Translation makes the Word available and distribution makes it accessible. We want to emphasize the opportunities for engagement in getting the Scripture already available out to the people who would benefit from hearing/seeing/reading God’s Word in their own language. Other Scripture engagement strategies make the Truth relevant and remove the foreignness of worship of the One True God. This creates opportunities for life-changing encounters with God as people engage with His Word in their heart

Topics generally covered:

• Basics of Bible translation
• Overview of global Scripture needs
• End Bible Poverty Now
• Culture meets Scripture
• Oral BT & Caleb Survey
• Reports from the nations

Come spend a week hearing from translators with long-term experience overseas.
Learn the building blocks of translation and what you can expect to see on the field.
Discover how God has equipped and gifted you. Find your fit and determine your next
steps as you explore practical ways to engage with the Bible translation movement and
help End Bible Poverty Now!
This seminar is specifically for YWAM and delivered in partnership, with YWAM staff
and other partners presenting several modules. There is also credit available for this
seminar through the UofN. It is also customizable depending on the requests from the
host base.

When God puts ending Bible poverty on your heart, it can feel like something out of
reach. How do you figure it out? How do you know which job to take?
It can be hard to find the time to answer these questions amid the busyness of everyday
life. But answering them is critical because becoming a missionary is more than a
career, it’s a calling. EBPN is challenging, will stretch you, and sometimes can even be
painful. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and resilience.

But it also means you’ll see God work in and through you in ways you never imagined!
Your sacrifices have meaning, your colleagues become your family, and as a result of
your partnership, people around the world meet Jesus through Scripture in their own

You get face-to-face conversations with seasoned missionaries so you can ask them
the hard questions. We want you to thrive wherever God has called you. Let’s figure
that out together!

Course Information


No prerequisites are required


July 10 -16 202






Engage with Bible Translation

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