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Engage With Bible Translation

Discover how you can actively participate in bringing the Word of God to every tribe and tongue!


One of the greatest ways we can know God is through His Word. However, millions of people around the world don’t have a single verse of Scripture in their language! Bible translation is about getting God’s Word into a language people can understand so they can know who God really is. The task, however, is bigger than that. We have to make it available in a form that speaks best to each person so that The Word can transform lives, families, communities, and nations. Translation makes the Word available and distribution makes it accessible. Come find out about the many ways this can be done.

Topics covered:

  • Basics of Bible translation

  • Overview of global Scripture needs

  • Scripture engagement

  • Culture meets Scripture 

  • Literacy and Orality

  • Oral Bible Translation

  • World Arts

  • Digital strategies and apps

  • Trauma healing

  • Reports from the nations

Let’s visit together

Come spend a week hearing from translators with long-term experience overseas.

Learn the building blocks of translation and what you can expect to see on the field.

Discover how God has equipped and gifted you. Find your fit and determine your next

steps as you explore practical ways to engage with the Bible translation movement and

help End Bible Poverty Now!


This seminar is delivered in partnership with YWAM, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and SIL International.

End Bible Poverty Now

When God puts ending Bible poverty on your heart, it can feel like something out of
reach. How do you figure it out? How do you know which job to take?

It can be hard to find the time to answer these questions amid the busyness of everyday
life. But answering them is critical because becoming a missionary is more than a
career, it’s a calling. EBPN is challenging, will stretch you, and sometimes can even be
painful. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and resilience. But it also means you’ll see God work in and through you in ways you never imagined!

Your sacrifices have meaning, your colleagues become your family, and as a result of
your partnership, people around the world meet Jesus through Scripture in their own
language. You get face-to-face conversations with seasoned missionaries so you can ask them
the hard questions. We want you to thrive wherever God has called you. Let’s figure
that out together!

Course Information

Daily schedule

8:30 - 13:00 Interactive lectures

13:00 - 15:00 Lunch break

15:00 - 18:00 Small groups lead by speakers

18:00 - 19:00 Dinner break

19:30 - 20:30 Stories from the field (optional activity)


Saturday afternoon: Amsterdam Canal Tour with Jeff Fountain

Sunday: Church and day off


No prerequisites are required


July 10 -16 2024






Speaker Biographies

Peter and Jennifer Brassington

Peter and Jennifer Brassington are from the UK. Peter has served with Wycliffe for 27 years, Jennifer for 19. They have lived on three continents supporting teams across many languages and cultures. Currently they both work as Scripture Engagement Consultants, providing training and advice on developing and delivering appropriate strategies according to the people you are working with. Jennifer is also an instructor in Culture Meets Scripture, and Peter has recently taken over development of the Scripture Engagement guide at Their work has taken them to over 20 countries over the years. Materials they have prepared have been accessed in over 150 countries, and been used by a wide range of partner organisations.

Christopher Hipona

Christopher Hipona was born and raised in the Philippines. He is passionate about Biblical Studies and helping people engage with the Word of God. He has been working with Youth With A Mission for the past 16 years, mainly setting up different Bible schools in various countries such as the Philippines, Nepal, and The Netherlands in Amsterdam. His current role is part of the Discipleship Bible School Global Leadership as the Regional Point Person of the DBS in Europe, where he convenes school leaders across the European continent.

Andy Ott

Andy Ott was born and raised in Bolivia, South America, where his parents translated the New Testament for the Ignaciano people. After graduating from college he married Jan and together they joined Wycliffe and moved to Peru, South America. Andy served in aviation maintenance and Jan helped help in various support roles while taking care of their 2 children. Since 2001 the Otts have served in missionary recruitment for Wycliffe USA and developing partnerships on behalf of the Bibleless people.

Mark and Lara

Mark and Lara have served with Wycliffe and SIL International for 30 years. During most of that time they led a Bible translation and language development project in partnership with local leaders in the foothills of the Himalayas in a sensitive Muslim country. The translated New Testament was published last year and distributed to the growing network of fellowships of Christ-followers among a conservative Sunni group of around 9 million. For the past 15 years, Mark and Lara have also been involved in regional leadership in West Asia. Lara holds a Master of Science degree in Education and Mark completed a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2021 with a focus on Scripture impact among Muslims. They live in the southern Black Forest in Germany with their youngest daughter.


Ivana is from the Czech Republic. She helped pioneer a Discipleship Training School in YWAM Czech republic. Later, during her School of Biblical studies she received a call to Bible translation. Between 2010 and 2022 she served with Wycliffe and SIL as a linguist and a Scripture Engagement Specialist in Central Asia and in Russia. Currently she works as a Recruitment coordinator for SIL Eurasia.


Nilufar is from Central Asia. For more than 20 years she worked as a translator of the Bible into one of the majority languages. Presently she is working as a Translation Advisor and Bible Translation Coordinator for one of the Turkic dialects in Central Asia. She also works as a Scripture Engagement Consultant for other Bible translation projects in post Soviet Union territory. Alongside the Bible work she runs a business project in Central Asia.

Rieneke Kasper

Rieneke Kasper is from the Netherlands. Together with her Swiss husband and 3 lovely kids between the ages of 1 and 5, she has been living in Norway, working in YWAM.  She is passionate about Bible engagement and seeing the Bible being accessible to every person in a way that will transform their lives and communities to experience more freedom and fruitfulness. Her main ministry is Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) and the BELT Bootcamp which is a mini course focusing on getting people into the Bible and out of the classroom.

Jessy Pfarrkircher

Jessy Pfarrkircher grew up in Oregon, USA, but for the last 14 years she has been living in Berlin together with her German husband Tobi and three children. She received her B.A. in Biblical Research and currently she is studying at the first Masters course in Applied Linguistics for Bible Translation with the University of the Nations. She worked short term with OMS and World Gospel Mission in Hungary and was on staff in YWAM Kona in 2007. She has lead two Oral Bible Translation schools in YWAM Lausanne and participated in three mother tongue led translation projects, both oral and written.

Engage with Bible Translation

Jeff Fountain

Jeff Fountain is the director of the Schuman Centre for European Studies and resides in Amsterdam with his Dutch wife Romkje.  Originally from New Zealand, he has authored several books including Living as People of Hope (2004) and Deeply Rooted (2010), and was European Director of Youth With a Mission for the two decades following the fall of the Berlin Wall. He teaches a master's degree in missional leadership and European studies offered by the Schuman Centre in partnership with ForMission College in Birmingham.

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