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City Ministry Team

Our ministry in Amsterdam focuses on outreach, training, and building a kingdom culture within a supportive community. 

Our ministry focus is diverse, we are open to new expressions of the Gospel in the context of Amsterdam. Three main pillars demonstrate our focus:

1. Outreach; connecting with the city. This could be classic street evangelism, connecting to community centers, evangelism through mercy ministries such as to the homeless, refugees, university campus ministry, you name it.

2. Training; teaching and activating people in a kingdom culture lifestyle. Daily personal evangelism, freely walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit (the prophetic, praying for healing). Training can take place within the context of YWAM, the local church, student associations, Alpha groups, etc.

3. Community; we believe God has meant the kingdom life to take place in community. Building such culture starts in our own team, from which we impact others through the above, but also 1-1 discipleship. God’s kingdom is a daily practice/walk.

Ministry Focus

Team Focus

Our team culture is one of “do first then teach”. Being open and vulnerable with one another about struggles and challenges in walking out our Christian calling. Expect to be challenged in stepping out in faith, both in outreach as well as personal growth areas (e.g. character, personal calling).


Weekly we meet, check-in, pray for the people we have met and plan for the time ahead. We work hard, but enjoy life as well. Expect to meet new friends and eat a lot of food.

City Ministry Team

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