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This 2.5-day songwriter workshop is tailor-made for Worship Leaders and Songwriters. 

Songwriter Workshop

About the Workshop

This SongLab will be a 2 and 1/2 day songwriter workshop designed for Worship Leaders/Songwriters.

Schedule: Thursday Night 6PM-9PM, Friday All Day 9AM-6PM (coffee & lunch provided), Saturday All Day 9AM- 8PM (coffee & lunch provided)

Workshop includes: Worship, Inspirational teaching, Practical writing exercises, Co-writing, a demo of your songs, song share, and lots of fun!


Michael and Meredith have a passion to see the church, at large, leading in creativity again and believe everything starts from the place of worship. For the last 15 years of their marriage they have been studying what it means to worship the Lord. For 7 of those years, they had the honor to help pioneer the worship movement that is called the UpperRoom, based out of Dallas, TX. 

They love to empower worship teams and creatives to create and song write from a place of encounter, stewarding the revelation that is happening in them personally and in their local church communities. They have found that teams that worship and create together develop new levels of unity, as well as celebration, rather than competition. They would love the opportunity to help your team write new songs to be sung in your churches and communities. (Psalm 33:3).

Workshop Information


All individuals, musicians and non-musicians alike, who have a heart for or desire to grow in worship and to minister to the heart of God in partnership with the Holy Spirit. 


31 July -2 August 2024





(€150 of this is a nonrefundable deposit)

*Lodging and transportation not included.


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