Readings in Biblical Studies

What is RBS?

The Readings in Biblical Studies (RBS) course is designed to introduce you to the

breadth of Biblical studies and theology, while at the same time equipping you to

wrestle with the hard questions that biblical studies offers.

During the course, you will read 7,000 pages of various literature from a

pre-selected list determined by the course advisor. Your study will include mandatory

reading, as well as books chosen by you from the different topics in line with your

own areas of interest.

Regular one-on-one tutoring with the course leader is also a part of this curriculum.

This gives you a chance to process and ask questions about what you are reading.

The purpose behind this is that it provides a safe place to challenge, discuss, and critique concepts from the books, while helping broaden your understanding on Biblical Theology.

Application of the material will provide you with resources for preaching, teaching, or personal Bible study. The course involves reading 100 pages per day, 6 days a week, for 12 weeks. This course is offered fully online or in person. If joining

in person you will be part of our community by taking part in community worship, events, and work duties.

Course Information


Discipleship Training School with YWAM


Sep 21 - Dec 17





In person: €2.010 *

Online: €300

*Tuition fees, food, and housing included

**Application fee: €50


All book purchases must be done by the student

Readings in Biblical Studies

Topics covered include:

  • The Bible

  • Old & New Testament background studies

  • Church History

  • Systematic Theology

  • Canonics, Hermeneutics, & Biblical Archaeology

  • Philosophy & Worldview

  • Scientific Theology

  • Pastoral Care, Discipleship, Spirituality, Evangelism, Missions, & Worship