Justice Track - Urban Prescence DTS

In the justice track, we seek to engage with issues of injustice from an understanding of God’s heart for people and the world. We want to learn more about areas of injustice in the world around us, and how to affect change in creative and practical ways using our God-given skills and talents. We will explore what it looks like to speak up for the oppressed and to partner with God’s heart for justice in our day to day lives, all from a place of intimacy with God as we discover more of His character and allow Him to move our hearts for the things that are on His heart. Our desire is to discover the heart of God through lecture topics like “Biblical Worldview” and “The Nature and Character of God” and as we spend time in worship, intercession and personal times with God - and reach out to others from that place.

The DTS consists of two phases: the training phase here in Amsterdam, and the Outreach phase, in Southeast Asia.

In the lecture phase, alongside normal DTS lectures, we will also have seminars on various social justice issues like Human Trafficking, Fair Trade and Environmental Care. We will also partner with local ministries and organisations that are reaching out to those in the city who have been impacted by various forms of injustice in our weekly evangelism times. In addition to this, you will be part of the community life of the school, spending time with your small group, doing practical work on the base and having regular one-on-one talks with your school staff. The main part of your week will be spent in the classroom as we hear teaching from a diverse range of speakers on topics ranging from Spiritual Warfare to the Fatherheart of God.

For the outreach phase, we will travel to Southeast Asia and partner with local churches and ministries in countries like Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines. We will seek God’s heart for the people and places we encounter as we serve in a variety of ministries and partner with what God is doing in the nations.

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