Urban Presence DTS

Update: After some time of praying about our upcoming DTS, we have made the decision to cancel it. Considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on international travel, as well as a growing sense that God is leading us into a time of pruning and preparation for the future, we feel that this is the best decision to make. If you would still like to do a DTS in the Netherlands, we highly recommend YWAM Heidebeek's September school. We would also love to have you here in Amsterdam next year for the January DTS! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

As Urban Presence DTS we believe in reaching cities with God’s presence from God’s Presence. We believe that God’s presence is able to transform our lives and that our transformed lives can bring transformation to others. We believe in taking the great commandment of loving God, ourselves and others as the fuel for the great commission to disciple nations. Together we explore how God is bringing the missions and prayer movement together in an urban context.


What is a DTS? DTS stands for Discipleship Training School. This is a 5 to 6 month long Bible school with Youth with a Mission. Unique about this Bible school is that half of this school is in Amsterdam and the other half in Asia. The first half in Amsterdam, ‘the lecture phase’, is focused on training and lecture, and the second half, ‘the outreach phase’ is focused on mission and evangelism in Asia.

The DTS is the entry level course for a degree with the University of the Nations and the entry point into Youth with a Mission. After doing a DTS there are many opportunities to work for and with Youth with a Mission all over the world.

You never get bored with God in action.

Loren Cunningham


We will have different tracks in the Urban Presence DTS. Next to the normal program of the DTS there will be specific outreaches, teachings and training focused on justice and prayer & worship. So, do you carry the desire to have moral justice become the cultural norm? Or do you believe in cultivating a lifestyle of prayer and worship into missions? Then this year’s school might be yours! Have a look at the different track pages and apply now!

- Justice Track

- Prayer & Worship Track

Lecture and Outreach phase

During the lecture phase at YWAM Amsterdam you will receive classroom teaching, small groups, one-on-one talks with the staff, evangelism in the city, spending time in the House of Prayer, practical work on the mission base and outreach training. Each week is taught by different, international speakers. Multiple topics will be covered like the Nature and Character of God, Jesus and the Cross, the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Identity, Missions and much more.

During the outreach phase the school will be seeking God to reveal strategy of making Jesus’ Name known in the nations. The main goal for the outreach phase is evangelism and longing to make God known from a place of intimacy with Him. We believe we that we will not be bringing God’s presence to Asia, but that He is already there. It is up to us to discover what He is doing in Asia and we desire to partner with that.

We are not bringing God’s presence to Asia, God is already in Asia. We are seeking to partner with what God is already doing.

Urban Presence DTS is partnering with the local church, houses of prayer and other ministries. The outreach focus for Urban Presence DTS is Southeast Asia. Nations such as Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and The Philippines are currently being considered.

This school is a place for people who are not afraid to encounter God, to be transformed from the inside out, and be equipped to change the world around them!

This school has already started. For information about any future schools or for other questions, please contact us here.