Europe DTS

We believe that revival is on God’s heart and that as a DTS He is inviting us into His revival story for Europe today, here and now. That begins in our own lives as we grow as disciples of Jesus and as we seek God’s heart for the world around us.

We want to equip young people that have a heart for Europe to be agents of change. We believe that through our simple “yes” to following Jesus we will reach our homes, neighbours, and church communities overflowing to our cities and nations. We want to be a people that obey God in all that we do and through that we believe we will see transformation.

Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth.

Colossians 1:28 TPT


If the church is not discipling the nation, the nation will disciple the church

Darrow Miller

This starts with you. As disciples of Jesus we want to see revival happening in our own hearts. If you are from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or the Americas, we would love to welcome you here to impact Europe together. As we devote ourselves to knowing God more, seeking His kingdom first, and learning from the European revivals of the past, we believe He will stir zeal in us for this generation! During our 12-week Lecture phase in the heart of Amsterdam, we will dive deeper into scripture, and receive teaching on different relevant topics such as the Character and Nature of God, God’s story and where we fit into that story. In the DTS there will also be small group discussions, one on one discipleship, times of worship and prayer, and sharing the gospel with people in the city as well as serving the local church.

As part of the DTS there will be 10 weeks of outreach to other cities and countries within Europe putting into practice the things we’ve learned. We will engage with different ministries and people from different cultures and backgrounds. Our heart is to reach those that don’t know God yet, to see an awakening in the Body of Christ, and revival in Europe.

To get involved, contact us here!