Mosaic is a community eager to attract people wanting to explore creativity in new ways. They place a strong emphasis on providing a space to dream and create with God, collaborate with other people, as well as using their imaginations to cultivate new and creative ideas to impact the world around them.

Week to week, Mosaic maintains a rhythm of spiritual discipline, intercession and worship times, bible studies and taking time to reach out and connect with the city. This rhythm helps keep their community grounded in discipleship as they explore creativity. Members of the community are given the time and freedom to work on individual creative projects and initiatives from writing music, to filmmaking and visual arts exhibitions.

At the core, Mosaic wants to create mental space in the body of Christ to provide opportunity to explore their creative gifts and physical spaces for artists to explore their imagination and collaborate with other artists. Whether its a music studio, a workshop, or a computer screen.

What our Mosaic team are up to:


Annet and Leah are developing a ministry called Redefine Arts. It is a project working with Amsterdam youth - fostering a consistent space for them to create, explore, grow and be challenged in making art. The goal is to bring healing and purpose through after school art programs in the South East of Amsterdam.

Martin Sham is a musician and audio producer managing the Mosaic Studio in YWAM Amsterdam and starting a secondary school – Audio Production Course (APC). His passion is to capture ‘the sound’ of all cultures from different countries through their native language, cinematically conveying the beautiful message of Christ.

Ariana is an artist that is combining fashion design, comic and manga to develop a costume making ministry. She is using her skill and passion to communicate the love of Jesus through visiting different drawing communities in Amsterdam. She is currently building many relationships with artists from all over the world within this multicultural city.

Kelle Wardle is a singer songwriter focused on reaching Amsterdam through songs of hope. She uses her skills and passion to build connections mainly within the songwriter community through open mics, festivals and other music events. In addition, she serves in worship teams within YWAM Amsterdam and as a developing producer in the Mosaic Studio.

Anne is a fine artist skilled at making art installations and paintings. She also creates art projects with different people groups such as refugees and immigrants, believing that art has a healing and empowering nature and has the capacity to build bridges between different people.

Tron Ansaldo (Here pictured with his wife, Tess) is a musician and recently joined in the vision of the Mosaic studio of Ywam Amsterdam. He sings, writes or produces in hope to inspire a generation to love unconditionally. His heart is to create or join platforms that allow us to carry the love of Jesus; may it be through gigs, events, local church or independent worship nights.

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