Look Up

Visit www.lookup.amsterdam for the project website.

Look Up is excited to share the very best and beautiful of Amsterdam with the guests of the city.

The team aims to do this by preparing to facilitate an informational visitor centre and by giving various educational programmes in and about the city. The starting point will be a centrally located open place that will convey the story of Amsterdam through digital touchscreens and human interaction. To then go deeper, the visitor will be invited to come along on a educational day or have other spots in the cities recommended.



The Look Up team is made up of people that love telling stories to people of all walks of life, love Amsterdam and are inspired by history, philosophy and big ideas.

If you are someone who embodies a spirit of hospitality and enjoy guiding people to their next location, we might be looking for you. Feel free to contact us to see how you could get involved.

To get involved, contact us here!