Peter's story; How a dream is becoming more of a reality

Peter has been working with YWAM in the Netherlands for over five years now. His passion is to make Jesus known and connect people with one another around His Word. Peter has a heart for equipping people that want to follow Jesus for the first time. Peter recently moved to Amsterdam Noord together with his wife to live out this passion there. At the biggest Christian event in the Netherlands Peter met a group of young people who were interested in following Jesus. Not all of them believed in God, which created a special momentum for Peter to jump in. This is what happened;

During this event, which takes place every year during Pentecost weekend, me and a bunch of YWAM’ers signed up to be coaches at the youth programs. On the second night I got the chance to speak to a group of three girls and I asked them about their dreams. This seemed to be a difficult question for them to answer.

After talking more it appeared that the girls where classmates and friends. With different interests they had come to this event, but all three had one desire in common; they wanted to know more about God. One of three told me; ‘I came here to discover if God really exists, I really want to experience Him for real’. After a good conversation about God, dreams and life I prayed for one of the girls because she had pain in her back. Unfortunately God didn’t heal her back, but something else did happen. The same girl who came to the event to discover if God exists and wanted to experience Him was now telling me that she felt something of God coming over her. After this her two other friends got excited and also prayed for her!

The same girl who came to the event to discover if God exists was now telling me that she felt something of the God coming over her.


During the conversation I shared with them one of my dreams; ‘My dream is to bring people together so that they can follow Jesus together. My dream is that a group of friends, like you guys, meet regularly with one another to talk about God, to pray, to read the Bible, to support each other and to multiply this.’ I asked and challenged the girls to put this into practice. The day after we met each other again and to my surprise they did read the Bible together! They had a lot of questions, but most of all; they took a first step!


During the weekend we regularly met with one another. We read the Bible together, spoke about who God is and prayed. I also asked if they would know someone that would possibly open to also get to know God. They responded with that they knew someone from their school that they want to invite to the group. They said they prayed for this person and also for other people from school and for parents who don’t know Jesus yet.

My dream is to bring people together so that they can follow Jesus together.


I told the girls about the Connect Groups that I would like to start in the Netherlands. These are groups were friends come together and follow Jesus together. The DNA of these groups are; relationship with God, relationship with each other and relationship with the world. The goal is that people in a Connect Group are not just disciples, but also disciple makers; so that they will give through to others what they learned from Jesus.

At the end of the weekend the girls did share a dream with me. They wanted to follow Jesus together and the whole class needed to know who God is. After the event I heard from them that they wanted to start their own Connect Group. Through my work with YWAM we will support them together with others groups in the Netherlands.

The conversations we had during the event made me realise we need people in the Netherlands that focus on making disciples, who are focussed on individuals. The Netherlands need disciple makers; let’s focus on that!