About DTS

Knowing God and making God known is YWAM's main vision and purpose of the Discipleship Training School. With a strong focus on missions, the six month program encourages personal character development, offers an environment to cultivate a personal, intimate relationship with God and helps to identify unique gifts and callings.

Because of YWAM’s international nature, this all happens in a multicultural and diverse context.


This lecture phase is aimed towards development and training, with a focus on ‘knowing God’. It consists of classes taught by speakers that share their personal experience on topics like hearing God’s voice, the father heart of God and the Holy Spirit. These classes offer room for the students to be intentional about growing deeper in their relationship with God and personal character transformation.



The second half of DTS is centred on ‘making Him known’. YWAM teams have visited every country in the world to reach people with the gospel of Jesus. The students are encouraged to live out what they have learned in the lecture phase and to step out in various areas of ministries. During DTS, students are not only trained to actively live out in the mission field, but how to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and worship centred around daily relationship with Jesus. 

A DTS is the entry-level program into YWAM and is required for any other staff opportunities, as well as being a prerequisite for further training within YWAM. DTS is offered at YWAM locations all around the world.